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NEW YORK: US banking giant Citigroup said it could plead guilty to an antitrust violation as part of a settlement of charges it helped rig the massive foreign.By Alison Frankel. JPMorgan is the only forex defendant to have entered settlement talks with the class.Bank of America Corp. on Thursday became the third global bank to reach a settlement in an.Large American and European banks are nearing settlement deals with British regulators over rigging interest rates and manipulating the foreign exchange market.This investigation has been going on for a couple of years and has to do.Zurich headquartered UBS said it is in advanced talks with the U.S. Department of Justice (DoJ) to settle allegations of foreign exchange market rigging, as.

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Suspicions that the price of precious metals are frequently manipulated by a.U.S. prosecutors investigating currency manipulation are considering revoking years-old settlements and prosecuting banks for rigging interest rates, according.

By Sebastian Chrispin Business reporter, BBC News. 20 May 2015.

Forex Rigging Scandal

JPMorgan settles forex price-rigging lawsuit: Letter - The Economic ...

The settlement class includes anyone who was affected by these practices.

UBS Said Set for Guilty Plea in Forex-Rigging Settlements Bloomberg.

Investors accuse 12 banks of forex price rigging in U.S. lawsuit ...

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If you keep up with our blog here at Intrepid Executive Group, you may recall a story we covered a few months back.BofA Reaches Settlement In Forex Class. global bank to reach a settlement in an antitrust class action. continues its investigation into forex rigging.

Legal News Settlement Reached With Some Banks for Forex. forex-rigging.

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New York (AFP) - Five major banks are expected to settle with US and British authorities next week for their role in rigging the foreign exchange market, a source.

Barclays share price: Lender agrees forex-rigging settlement

While the very size of the forex market should preclude the possibility of anyone rigging or.George Osborne could be in line for a quick post-election windfall from a multimillion-pound fine to be.

RBS said in May that it had reached a settlement in the case and taken enough provisions to cover.

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JPMorgan settles forex price-rigging lawsuit -letter. A settlement agreement is expected.In a complicated deal with the US Department of Justice the Swiss banking giant avoided criminal prosecution over forex rigging but had. in a mass settlement by.

UBS to settle allegations over precious metals trading. L1.5 billion on Wednesday to settle forex rigging allegations with. to be part of the settlement,.

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Bank of America Corp has settled its portion of a U.S. antitrust lawsuit in whichinvestors accused 12 major banks of rigging prices in theforeign exchange.

JPMorgan Settles Forex Price-rigging. has agreed to settle its portion of an antitrust lawsuit in which investors accused major banks of rigging.

Nine Major Banks Reach Forex Rigging Probe Settlements Of More Than $2 ...

British banks could be fined billions in coming months as investors pursue them for rigging foreign exchange (Forex) rates, following a landmark US settlement on Friday.

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Scope of forex rigging suit against banks widens. for preliminary approval of settlement agreements with. of spot prices in the broad forex.NOW PLAYING Wal-Mart sues Visa over chip-enabled cards The Wall Street Journal.

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Suspicions that the price of precious metals are frequently manipulated by a few international banks were.